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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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I am so excited to introduce you to my April 2022 Star Students!! I LOVE my online course students, and this is such a fun way for them to humbly brag about all the amazing things they are doing!! This month, I’ve got 3 students to tell you about: KayLee, Kelly and Maria. It’s my hope that you’ll be encouraged and inspired by all they are doing in their senior photography businesses!!


Before I took this course, I was… struggling with how to set up my program, market my upcoming applications, know what questions to include in the application, and how to word emails for spokesmodels and their parents on who was and wasn’t selected. This course changed the game for me in ALL these areas.

Since completing the course… I structured my upcoming spokesmodel team to not only have a senior rep team but also a college level and Jr. Rep program. I launched my applications for all 3 programs and had 7 applications submitted in the first 24 hours. My previous 2 senior teams only had 5 reps each year so this is HUGE for me. I started the college team due to multiple requests from my followers and it took off! This year I’m adding my Jr. reps program. These girls will help with behind the scenes and get to building connections with the older girls to feel like they have big sisters to look up to at school and in life. I’m super excited about this year!

I was interested in this course specifically because… my senior side of my business is my focus. I have been following you since day one of starting my business in May 2020 and have walked all your YouTube episodes when I knew I just had to purchase your spokesmodel course! I really wanted to level up my spokesmodel team this year so I took the leap and jumped into the course and I’ve not looked back. It was worth every penny and I’m already planning which courses I’m going to enroll in next.

If someone asked me about this course, I would tell them… It’s worth EVERY PENNY. This course leveled up my spokesmodel team x100 and I’ve never been more confident in my program and what I have to offer! I especially feel confident on how to communicate with the parents of seniors as well which was a pain point for me.

If I had to list my 3 biggest tangible WINS since completing the course, they would be…

1. Receiving 7 applications in the first 24 hours. (Income: $3,600)
2. Adding an additional program (Jr. Reps) for 2023 to help with behind the scenes footage.
3. I also received the SWEETEST testimonial from a 2022 spokesmodel that really spoke to everything I wanted my spokesmodel program to be. It’s pretty lengthy but I attached the screenshot in the images below. That was honestly probably my biggest win ever in my business. She just genuinely posted it to encourage other girls to apply to my program for 2023. She then texted me asking if she could sponsor a spokesmodel spot for this upcoming year because she believed in my program so much and wanted another girl to get to experience it for herself.

Which Hope Taylor courses are you a student in? Spokesmodel 101

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Before I took this course… I was struggling with the confidence to raise my senior client experience and deliver consistent results.

Since completing Hope’s mini spokesmodel course & enrolling in The Senior Scoop… I have launched my very first spokesmodel team (we have our first meet and greet 4/30, but a few of them did an informal meet with me a week or so ago). I had hoped just to get at least a few gals to join, but ended up with seven amazing young women who I am over the moon to work with. I leveled up my social media presence and my prices and because of that, I have had the most profitable first quarter than I ever have in my 8 years of business!

I was interested in this course specifically because… I wanted to learn how to have a spokesmodel team and develop the tools that I needed to become “THE” senior photographer in my area. Additionally after that experience, I wanted to see first hand how Hope handled her clients and the situations she encountered so that I could better handle my own clients and give them the luxury experience.

If someone asked me about this course, I would tell them… Hope absolutely has one of the most content packed courses for the money. She’s straightforward with little fluff and is genuinely interested in *YOUR* personal success. She’s the real deal and you need to jump on it!

If I had to list my 3 biggest tangible WINS since completing the course, they would be…

1. Creating an amazing spokesmodel team that is already helping with my social engagement even though they don’t start until 6/1/2022. (Did I mention they are amazing?!)
2. Being able to up my prices because I was able to up my confidence and consistency.
3. And ultimately creating better images. I think I was good before, but learning from Hope made me consistently *BETTER!*

Which Hope Taylor course are you a student in? The Senior Scoop

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Before I took this course… I was struggling with posing my seniors in a modern, fresh, way. I would get stuck on the next pose. Also, I doubted myself at every session, am I using the correct lens, how do I line up this shot, and just knew my clients were unhappy with me, or worse that they knew I was a fraud!

Since completing the course, I have… I feel like I finally understand what to do to give my seniors the experience they want! I understand that posing is a process, and that getting into a posing flow, will allow me to provide them with the more images to choose from. I am still in the process of building my business having recently moved to Arizona, but I went back to Tennessee for a visit, and put out word that I was coming into town and if anyone wanted to schedule a session, I would love to set it up. I had 6 sessions in 2 days, including 3 seniors! I have found my passion, and will be building my business on my senior sessions. Thank you Hope for all your courses, and YouTube videos. I wouldn’t have my confidence without you.

I was interested in this course specifically because… I was interested in the Senior Business Course, as I wanted to learn to market to Seniors and their parents, and learn how to create a senior experience for my clients. The Senior Scoop was a no-brainer! Follow Hope around on one of her sessions!?! Ummm…yes, please.

If someone asked me about this course, I would tell them… Do it! Don’t hesitate, do it! Go, do it now, What are you waiting for?!?

If I had to list my 3 biggest tangible WINS since completing the course, they would be… My 3 biggest tangible WINS are more confidence, my images are more consistent, and I am more comfortable working with my seniors because I know how to make sure they are comfortable and feel beautiful in front of my camera.

Which Hope Taylor course are you a student in? The Senior Business Course & The Senior Scoop

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Hope Taylor 2022 Star Students

hi, y'all!

I'm Hope Taylor, an international Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer based in Charleston, SC. I'm also an educator, international speaker, and the host of multiple sold-out workshops each year!



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