Jess and Tony are such a special couple. I’ve been chatting with them over email for half a year and counting down the days until I got to meet them!! These two live in Texas but were planning a wedding in Fredericksburg…less than 3 blocks from my home in downtown! They both attended the University […]

How is July already ending!? Absolute CRAZINESS. I can’t even believe it! But, I saved a good episode for last! In today’s episode I’m breaking down 3 of my favorite EDITING accessories.  You’re probably thinking “Hope, what in the world do you need as an accessory when you’re sitting behind a computer?” But, trust me […]

This post is so fun for me to be sharing!!! My sweet little sister Abby turned 14 over the weekend. Even though we are in the midst of moving to Charleston (her birthday was the day before the movers came!), we still wanted to make her birthday SO special. Birthdays have been and always will […]

This is easily going to be my favorite post from the “Charleston-Bound” series. Because I truly thought it was one I was never going to get to type! You can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE to catch up if you don’t know what I’m talking about. In the last post, I left things […]

As this post is going live, there are movers at my house packing up everything we own to head down to Charleston this week! AH!!! Kaitlyn’s senior session is one of my LAST senior sessions in VA…which is absolutely crazy to me!! The day of her shoot was a steamy 100 degrees and the humidity […]

I’m SO pumped about the last two episodes of this month!! I have so many different products and gadgets that I use every day in my business…but they didn’t all necessarily fall in the same category. I wanted a way to share these things with you (because they TRULY are game-changers in my business!), but […]

Okay, I can’t start off every single one of the posts in this series by telling you I’m excited….BUT I FREAKIN AM. I have been back and forth to Charleston so many times now, but I haven’t posted the pictures from the trips. I’ve literally been holding the pictures in this post hostage since MARCH (!!!) […]

Happy Monday, sweet friends! In this week’s episode of Happy Hour I’m sharing another “what’s in my bag” video – but this time for weddings! I’m breaking down my ENTIRE packing set-up for wedding days, including the bag that I carry (and travel with!) for every single wedding that I shoot! I talk about my […]



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