Okay, ya’ll…IT’S HAPPENING!!! I’ve lived in Charleston for almost a year now (WHAT!!!) and this post is already long overdue! I swear I get DAILY messages, comments and emails asking about my fave places to visit in Charleston…and I don’t blame ya’ll!! It is truly the BEST place to vacation and such a popular travel […]

Since moving from Northern Virginia to Charleston, SC last year – I’ve been working hard to get my business integrated in this brand new community. I’ve had to totally re-think my marketing strategies and apply new workflows in my business to help me GROW and market my business in this brand new place. And, now […]

This may truly be one of the messages I get the MOST often on my Instagram: “How in the heck do you get so many photos of yourself!?” Some people think I pay a professional photographer to take pics of me each week, some people think it’s self-timer…but the real answer? It’s MY MOM!!! Haha!!! […]

With everything currently happening in the world related to COVID-19 and the pandemic, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways I can add value to my audience. I am in no way an expert on any topics related to the pandemic (after all, this is uncharted territory for us all!) but after 7 years of being […]

I’m switching it up a bit this week and, instead of sharing another educational video about Instagram strategy…I’m sharing a personal one! Since announcing my move to Charleston, SC last year, I’ve received HUNDREDS of emails and DMs asking me so many questions about the process. Why did we move? Why did my whole family […]

I think we all know by this point that Instagram algorithms are making small business owner’s lives VERY hard. Instagram used to be the app that we all relied on to show our followers our content when Facebook started to hide our posts…and now Instagram is almost worse. The app is determining which content is […]

This episode is easily my FAVORITE episode about Instagram that I’ve shared so far. And, that’s because it’s breaking down my FAVORITE tool on Instagram right now…Instagram STORIES! The algorithms are making it harder and harder for small business owners to get their follower’s eyes on their content when sharing to their feed…but Instagram stories […]

It’s a Monday…so you know what that means! A brand new episode of my weekly YouTube series is here and I’m breaking down pieces of my Instagram strategy for the entire month of March. In today’s video, I’m sharing the 3 things EVERY business owner should have in their Instagram bio…and why it’s SO important […]



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