In case you missed it last week, I hosted my 12th (!!!) Hope Taylor Workshop, and the last one EVER in Virginia. You can see the full recap HERE! There are so many pieces of this workshop experience that I love putting together…but the styled shoot is ALWAYS so exciting. Kat, Courtney and I have […]

SO MUCH has happened in the last few weeks…I seriously can’t even believe it sometimes!! At the end of July, we packed up and moved to Charleston, SC. We lived in a hotel for 10 days with two dogs, moved into our new home and unpacked. I spent the two weeks living in Charleston hustling […]

How is July already ending!? Absolute CRAZINESS. I can’t even believe it! But, I saved a good episode for last! In today’s episode I’m breaking down 3 of my favorite EDITING accessories.  You’re probably thinking “Hope, what in the world do you need as an accessory when you’re sitting behind a computer?” But, trust me […]

I’m SO pumped about the last two episodes of this month!! I have so many different products and gadgets that I use every day in my business…but they didn’t all necessarily fall in the same category. I wanted a way to share these things with you (because they TRULY are game-changers in my business!), but […]

Happy Monday, sweet friends! In this week’s episode of Happy Hour I’m sharing another “what’s in my bag” video – but this time for weddings! I’m breaking down my ENTIRE packing set-up for wedding days, including the bag that I carry (and travel with!) for every single wedding that I shoot! I talk about my […]

Ya’ll, it’s another new month which means another new topic!!! My family and I have been counting down the days until the month of July hit because it’s the month that we MOVE!!! And, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should probably watch last week’s video 🙂 But we can’t believe this month […]

I have truly NEVER been this excited to share a blog post. Ever. Ever. Ever. I’ve never had to keep a secret this big for this long EVER in my WHOLE LIFE and guys…I’M FREAKING OUT!!! I’ve been hinting at a major announcement and surprise for MONTHS now…but didn’t want to say too much. And now I […]

This week’s video is easily my most favorite episode to date. It is SO special to me!!! If you have been following me for any period of time, then you probably already know this…but my mom is my absolute best friend and favorite human. She is who inspired me to begin a business, who cheered […]



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