How I Decorated a Studio On a Budget For Photographers

I think some of the most frequently asked questions I get are ones about where pieces in my studio were purchased. And then, last week as I was driving to the studio, I realized I’ve NEVER done a blog post about HOW I decorated the space!!! I’m crazy!!! After quite a few months of adding new pieces, changing things around + finalizing details…I feel like I can FINALLY do a blog post about decorating!!!

One of the best things about decorating my new studio space was that I did it AFFORDABLY! Without painting/remolding costs, I spent LESS than $3000 to decorate the ENTIRE space!!! Crazy, right!? I found all of the pieces for super low prices at places like Home Goods & Ikea, then found low-cost accessories to dress it up! Today’s post is going to be all about HOW I did it + WHERE I found the pieces!!!

When I was shopping for the studio, I knew that I wanted to keep my budget as low as possible while still making the studio match my brand and appear high end. I spent the largest amount of my budget on statement pieces like the couch, lighting + rugs then spent the smaller portion of my budget on the remaining furniture pieces + detail accessories. Luckily, the shelving in my space was already built into the walls-so I got lucky there!!! Here is a list of everywhere I shopped for good deals:


This one is probably obvious…but it’s  LIFESAVER! Home Goods has TONS of items for incredibly low prices. I probably went into Home Goods 10 different times during the 3 weeks I was decorating the space…they’re ALWAYS getting new items! All of my chairs, rugs, pillows and lamps are from Home Goods as well as some other small accessories. In total, I probably spent $1200 here!


If you haven’t explored Joss & Main, you’re totally missing out! I have the free iPhone app that updates each day with brand new “themes” of items for sale. My couch + end tables are all from Joss & main + I spent less than $700 on those! Craziness!!!


Ikea is my BFF. Every time I walk in, I want to remodel an entire house. It’s the best ever!!! I got both of my desk tables (the corner piece + end piece) for less than $50 (I’m serious!!!) as well as my grey coffee table from Ikea for only around $120.


I purchased all of my chandeliers from Home Depot and they were less than $100 each!!! They look “real” and expensive…but they were CHEAP + easy to put together! I also purchased celling medallions from Home Goods which made my total here less than $500.


We found all of the smaller details (candles, accessories, pillows, etc) at Target and at Target online!!! If you haven’t looked here for decorating…you TOTALLY should!!!

Additionally, to keep costs down, I printed all of my canvases at CG Pro Prints + I partner with local boutiques for all of the clothing + accessories in the studio! You can learn how I partner with boutiques HERE!

I hope this helps someone else who is in the process of decorating a new space!!! Decorating at low cost is definitely do-able, it just takes some searching for the right pieces 🙂



March 3, 2016

  1. Danielle Dykes

    March 3rd, 2016 at 10:01 am

    I can’t WAIT to be here in 3 days!!! Hope Taylor Photography Workshop, here I come!!

  2. Nilo

    March 10th, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Love all the good deal! I am totally going to have to check out those place for some good deals. Where do you get the back drop? I seriously love it!!

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