Using a Reflector for Portrait Sessions For Photographers

This blog post is going to be short, sweet and to-the-point, but hopefully it will help someone with their portrait sessions this week!!! 🙂

For the first two years of shooting senior portrait sessions, I never used a reflector. Not even once! So, if you don’t own one, don’t feel like you NEED one just because of this blog post!!! But, when I started using a reflector at my senior sessions last year, it changed the GAME for me!! It helps me keep even skin tones, beautiful light + bright eyes WHEREVER I am shooting! I used to only look for natural reflectors (like white sidewalks, concrete, light colored gravel, etc.) but sometimes that is impossible depending on the location you are shooting. So, bringing out a white reflector can create beautiful light almost anywhere!!!

I am able to use a reflector at all of my portrait sessions withOUT an assistant to hold it for me! I simply hold it with my left hand, then use that hand to support the bottom of my camera. I’ll sometimes even balance the reflector between me and the senior I’m shooting by placing it on their hip!! It looks a little something like this:

HopeTaylorPhotography_6236Thanks to Dawn  for snagging that picture at last week’s workshop!!!

I WAS using a super cheap reflector that I snagged on Amazon, but one of my sweet workshop attendees, Valerie, brought along her reflector last week and I fell in love with it! It has a handle to make life super easy + I’ll be using THIS one from now on!!! But, I only use the white side!!! 🙂 I hope this helped!!! Happy Thursday, ya’ll!



March 17, 2016

  1. ariella says:

    Love the lighting tips Hope! And you always look so cute in every behind the scenes shot! 🙂

  2. Kim Hurley says:

    Great tips! I’ll be back for more…

  3. Hi Hope! The reflector on the link has two options. (Gold and White) or (Silver and White) In the photo you must be using the silver and white one (obviously. ha) But when I clicked the link it takes me to the gold one. I was just wondering if you could clarify on which one you bought for yourself since you said you were borrowing this one from someone at your workshop. THANKS!! xxoo

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