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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Talara + Chris | Engagement Session Downtown Fredericksburg, VA


These two beautiful love birds traveled all the way from Kentucky for their engagement session!!! I was pretty nervous the week of their session for a few reasons: 1. They were traveling SO far for their shoot, and that always adds a little pressure, 2. Talara is a photographer herself, which adds just a little more pressure and 3. There was 80% chance of STORMS in the forecast on the day of their shoot after a full week of nothing but RAIN! Whew, talk about being nervous!!! But, when we started shooting, the clouds cleared and there was SUN for their shoot!!! Not only did we never get a DROP of rain…but we had the most amazing golden hour portraits at the end of the shoot!! AMAZING!

These two are so much fun and were such pros during their shoot…I just loved it!! Chris knew exactly what to do because he’s done photos with Talara so many times and they both rocked it!!! Their outfit choices, our amazing locations and the incredible golden hour light after a full week of rain made my heart so happy! I can’t WAIT for their wedding in Kentucky later this year!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful engagement session and leave them some love!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_7736 HopeTaylorPhotography_7737 HopeTaylorPhotography_7738 HopeTaylorPhotography_7739 HopeTaylorPhotography_7740 HopeTaylorPhotography_7741 HopeTaylorPhotography_7742 HopeTaylorPhotography_7743 HopeTaylorPhotography_7744 HopeTaylorPhotography_7745 HopeTaylorPhotography_7746 HopeTaylorPhotography_7747 HopeTaylorPhotography_7748 HopeTaylorPhotography_7749 HopeTaylorPhotography_7750 HopeTaylorPhotography_7751 HopeTaylorPhotography_7752 HopeTaylorPhotography_7753 HopeTaylorPhotography_7754 HopeTaylorPhotography_7755 HopeTaylorPhotography_7756 HopeTaylorPhotography_7757 HopeTaylorPhotography_7758 HopeTaylorPhotography_7759

Love this shot so much!


We may have taken these peonies off of a bush for these ring shots…worth it!

HopeTaylorPhotography_7761 HopeTaylorPhotography_7762 HopeTaylorPhotography_7763 HopeTaylorPhotography_7764 HopeTaylorPhotography_7765 HopeTaylorPhotography_7766 HopeTaylorPhotography_7767 HopeTaylorPhotography_7768 HopeTaylorPhotography_7769 HopeTaylorPhotography_7770 HopeTaylorPhotography_7771 HopeTaylorPhotography_7772 HopeTaylorPhotography_7773 HopeTaylorPhotography_7774 HopeTaylorPhotography_7775 HopeTaylorPhotography_7776 HopeTaylorPhotography_7777 HopeTaylorPhotography_7778 HopeTaylorPhotography_7779 HopeTaylorPhotography_7780 HopeTaylorPhotography_7781 HopeTaylorPhotography_7782

I LOVE this location and this photo!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_7783 HopeTaylorPhotography_7784 HopeTaylorPhotography_7785 HopeTaylorPhotography_7786 HopeTaylorPhotography_7787


HopeTaylorPhotography_7788 HopeTaylorPhotography_7789 HopeTaylorPhotography_7790 HopeTaylorPhotography_7791 HopeTaylorPhotography_7792 HopeTaylorPhotography_7793 HopeTaylorPhotography_7794 HopeTaylorPhotography_7795 HopeTaylorPhotography_7796 HopeTaylorPhotography_7797 HopeTaylorPhotography_7798 HopeTaylorPhotography_7799 HopeTaylorPhotography_7800 HopeTaylorPhotography_7801 HopeTaylorPhotography_7802 HopeTaylorPhotography_7803

So beautiful!!!


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