Samantha and Patrick | Engagement Session Fawn Lake | Spotsylvania, VA

I LOVE when I am emailing one of my brides and it feels like we have been friends for years…and that’s exactly how it felt every time I emailed Samantha!! She is just one of the sweetest girls and I was looking so forward to meeting her and Patrick. Then, their engagement session finally rolled around last week and she arrived with homemade cookies for me and a floral crown that she made herself! WHAT!? Talk about a dream client!!

We had the most perfect weather for Samantha and Patrick’s shoot: high 80’s and low humidity. After a week of temps in the low 100’s, that was a dream come true!!! We explored two of my favorite locations and they had the most amazing outfits! Their engagement session has quickly become one of my new favorites and I know you’ll love it just as much as I do!! Enjoy some of my faves!!



There was so much joy during their shoot and I just loved it!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9246 HopeTaylorPhotography_9247 HopeTaylorPhotography_9248 HopeTaylorPhotography_9249 HopeTaylorPhotography_9250

Samantha, you are STUNNING!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9251 HopeTaylorPhotography_9252 HopeTaylorPhotography_9253 HopeTaylorPhotography_9254 HopeTaylorPhotography_9255 HopeTaylorPhotography_9256

This color combo just makes my heart so happy!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9257 HopeTaylorPhotography_9258 HopeTaylorPhotography_9259 HopeTaylorPhotography_9260 HopeTaylorPhotography_9261 HopeTaylorPhotography_9262 HopeTaylorPhotography_9263 HopeTaylorPhotography_9264 HopeTaylorPhotography_9265 HopeTaylorPhotography_9266 HopeTaylorPhotography_9267  HopeTaylorPhotography_9269


HopeTaylorPhotography_9270 HopeTaylorPhotography_9271 HopeTaylorPhotography_9272 HopeTaylorPhotography_9273

Another favorite!!! AH!! I just love this set!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_9274  HopeTaylorPhotography_9276 HopeTaylorPhotography_9277 HopeTaylorPhotography_9278 HopeTaylorPhotography_9279 HopeTaylorPhotography_9280 HopeTaylorPhotography_9281

Okay…just one more reason these two are the best!!! They are both scuba divers and love to dive together…so they threw their gear on with their dressy outfits for a few photos!!! LOVE them!!


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August 9, 2016


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