Morgan + Jake | Military Sweetheart Session Carter's Mountain + UVA Campus | Charlottesville, VA

Morgan and Jake are the type of people that make you a better person just by spending time with them. They are kind, gracious, Godly, wise and so much fun…I just love them both so much! Jake has been Drew’s best friend for years and I feel so lucky to have become friends with him and Morgan, too. Jake just returned from Marine bootcamp last week and left again yesterday for 3.5 months in training…so we had a very short window to squeeze in time for some photos. We all had a fun double date planned for Jake’s last night in town: Salsa dancing under the stars at Cater’s mountain, dinner, cookies and quality time together. It was the perfect time to squeeze in a portrait session and I am so happy that we did 🙂

It was a toasty 100 degrees during the shoot, but you would never know 🙂 You can feel the love that these two have for each other just by being in the same room as them…it’s so beautiful and admirable. They’ve built their relationship long distance as Morgan travels and studies abroad and Jake pursues Marine training…I couldn’t be prouder of both of them and the incredible people they’re becoming. These photos will always be so close to my heart and I hope you love them as much as I do!!

hopetaylorphotography_9775 hopetaylorphotography_9776 hopetaylorphotography_9777 hopetaylorphotography_9778 hopetaylorphotography_9779 hopetaylorphotography_9780 hopetaylorphotography_9781 hopetaylorphotography_9782 hopetaylorphotography_9783 hopetaylorphotography_9784 hopetaylorphotography_9785 hopetaylorphotography_9786 hopetaylorphotography_9787 hopetaylorphotography_9788 hopetaylorphotography_9789 hopetaylorphotography_9790 Favorite!!!

hopetaylorphotography_9791 hopetaylorphotography_9792 hopetaylorphotography_9793

Another favorite 🙂


ANNND another favorite…there’s a whole lot.

hopetaylorphotography_9795 hopetaylorphotography_9796 hopetaylorphotography_9798 hopetaylorphotography_9799 hopetaylorphotography_9800 hopetaylorphotography_9801 hopetaylorphotography_9802 hopetaylorphotography_9803

Carter’s mountain is SO beautiful!!!

hopetaylorphotography_9804 hopetaylorphotography_9805 hopetaylorphotography_9806 hopetaylorphotography_9807 hopetaylorphotography_9808 hopetaylorphotography_9809 hopetaylorphotography_9810

Best friends!!! Love both of these guys 🙂


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September 13, 2016


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