Introducing the Brand New Hope Taylor Workshop For Photographers


This is a secret I feel like I’ve been hiding for AGES!!! All 2016 education opportunities have been sold out for almost 3 months…so I’ve been getting DOZENS of emails asking about new workshop dates!! But, the reason nothing has launched yet is because there was something BRAND NEW in the works…the all-new, never-before-seen, 2-day Hope Taylor Workshop!!! So not only is there an entirely NEW workshop…but the dates and registration are LIVE!!! The Hope Taylor Workshop is being hosted on March 6 & 7th in downtown Fredericksburg, VA at my studio! Registration already opened to this week’s webinar attendees and mailing list members…so there are barely any seats left!!! You can get the early bird rate of $250 OFF through December 1st-but seats are flying out the door!!

Here’s what the brand new workshop means:

-Instead of 8 hours of content, the workshop is now TWO DAYS and 20+ hours of content (plus the workshop meet & greet on the evening of March 5th!!!)

-This is the FIRST time I have offered wedding-related education! Now you will not only learn all about the portrait side of my business…you will learn everything about the WEDDING side, too!

-Now there are TWO fully styled shoots: one senior portrait + one wedding!!!

-The portrait day of the workshop is going to be portrait GENERAL for the most part-it can apply to any type of portraits (families, boudoir, newborns, engagement…you name it!) But we will still be covering senior-specific aspects as well!

-This workshop is PERFECT for anyone in the first 1-3 years of business, or anyone interested in moving into the wedding industry. I will be sharing all about how I moved into the wedding industry and went from ZERO weddings in 2014 to SIXTEEN weddings in 2015 and almost 20 in 2016!

-The workshop is limited to 16 attendees, so seats are very limited!

-March is the PERFECT time to attend a workshop-it’s right towards the end of “slow” season, so you’ll get a whole new perspective on your business AND time to apply what you’ve learned before the craziness picks back up in the spring!!

I am SO excited to have a whole new set of attendees for this new workshop next year!! If you want to learn more about the workshop, you can head to the workshop website HERE! Or, if you’re already sold and you just want to snag your seat, head HERE! 

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November 22, 2016


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