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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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How to Host an Instagram-Worthy Event For Photographers

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The title of this may sound a little weird to the non-creatives out there…but I’m super excited for this post 🙂 As creative business owners, we put TONS of work into events that we host. These events can be anything from client get-togethers to launch parties to workshops to creative gatherings…no matter what, events are HARD to put on! After we put so much time, money and work into hosting an event…we want to make sure that it’s WORTH it! We want to ensure that the event is going to be shared, Instagram-ed and viewed by as many people as possible! But, here’s the catch: HOW do we get the attendees to share about the event + WANT to post about it!?

When I first started hosting events for my seniors, I would get SO frustrated when I checked social media afterwards + no one had shared any images from it! There were so many beautiful details, surprises + moments they could have shared…why was I the only one wanting to post about it!? Then I realized something: details that are important to me may NOT be important to the attendees at the event! I needed to be sure that I was focusing on what my attendees wanted, not just what I thought was pretty! So, after some adjustments, almost EVERY attendee at last weekend’s event shared images throughout the entire night AND the days following! So, how did I do it!? Here are some of my favorite tips:

1. Focus on your AUDIENCE:

Who are the attendees at the event? If they are fellow creatives, focusing on details it important because they’ll notice! Are they brides? Seniors? Non-creatives? Then focusing on details is important for publication, but NOT as important to attendees! Be sure you pay attention to WHO will be there + what will be considered important or “insta-worthy” to them!

2. Hype up the event BEFORE hand:

If the attendees coming to the event are excited about it, they are MUCH more likely to share images from it. One of the best ways to get your attendees excited is to share about the event on social media on the days prior. Make sure your posts get attendees EXCITED and make them feel special that they are attending! For the Official Crowning Event, I shared images during the two weeks leading up to the event to show sneak peeks of details, preparation behind-the-scenes + small surprises to get all of the girls super pumped about attending!

3. Have a HASHTAG:

I always create hashtags for major events that I’m hosting so that all of the images from the event can be found in one place on Instagram! For example, #htpcrowning was the hashtag for this week’s event! Not only does it keep all of the images you post in one place, it reminds attendees that Instagramming the event is encouraged! Announce the hashtag at the beginning of the event + have it on display somewhere in the decor!

4. Give an INCENTIVE:

This one is my favorite! At the beginning of the event, when you tell the attendees what the hashtag is, let them know that every image that they post with the hashtag is an entry into a giveaway! Then, at the end of the event, randomly choose an image on the hashtag page + give them a prize! I typically do a $20 gift card or a small gift from a local sponsor 🙂

5. Work with a PLANNER:

This one is super optional and that’s why it’s the last tip 🙂 Some boss ladies prefer to work on events alone and style them by themselves-which is a WONDERFUL option (and exactly what I did for most of my events in the first two years of business!) But, I personally LOVE collaborating with a stylist to help me with details, planning, executing + sharing my events! The Caroline Doll was the planner for this week’s event + she is SO insanely helpful throughout the entire process! She comes up with details that I wouldn’t be able to think of on my own + has tips for hashtags + publications that I wouldn’t know of otherwise!

I hope this post helps!!! To learn more about my senior rep program + my business, head HERE to join the workshop mailing list!!! A new date is going to be announced THIS WEEK + mailing list members get early access!!!

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  1. Mai says:

    awesome tips!!! thank you so much for sharing!!!

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