2018 Spokesmodel Meet & Greet Hope Taylor Seniors

You saw me introduce the brand new 2018 spokesmodel team on the blog two weeks ago, and I finally had the chance to meet them all IN PERSON at last weekend’s meet and greet event! All 19 beautiful girls came together at the studio for a night with yummy snacks, desserts, games and a photo booth – we had SO much fun! We had a little TOO much fun…because I was so busy that I never even had a chance to take out my camera for professional photos! Oops!

Each year, after spokesmodels are chosen and announced, I host an event for the team to get to know each other and bond to kick off our year together. All past spokesmodels are invited, too, and it always ends up being some of my favorite memories! We had over 30 (!!!) girls packed into the studio this weekend and it couldn’t have been better!

(We also managed to eat three dozen donuts, two trays of chicken wings, two trays of cookies and a whole lot of chips and dip. Pretty proud of us for that.)

Love each and every one of these girls already! Enjoy some of my favorite Instagrams from the event!



HopeTaylorPhotography_1338 HopeTaylorPhotography_1339 HopeTaylorPhotography_1340 HopeTaylorPhotography_1341

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