Introducing the 2018 Spokesmodel Team Hope Taylor Seniors

WHEW. Ya’ll, let me tell you…the class 0f 2018 blew. me. AWAY. with their incredible applications for the spokesmodel program this year! I have over 100 applications (the most I’ve ever received!) and I have never had such a hard time selecting a team of girls. Each application was amazing and I wish I could have a team of 100+ high schoolers (which would be a little more like a village?) but, I digress, I had to narrow down my selections and am SO excited to finally be introducing the team to you! Even with narrowing down the applications, I ended up with 19 (!!!) spokesmodels this year, which is the largest team I’ve EVER had! So, with a drumroll…let me introduce to you the OFFICIAL Class of 2018 Hope Taylor Spokesmodel Team! AH! Congratulations, ladies!

Amber Spuchesi

Taylor Casey

Savannah McKinney

Natalie Williams

Brooke White

Rebekah Fogarty

Sydney Woodward

Kelsey Jackson

Seren McClain

Leona Gaither

Amanda Carreras

Sidnie Baker

Haley McDaniel

Olivia Pepin

Kristin Halter

Bayley Brooks

Lauren Raymond

Grace Colburn

Danielle Oldham

I am so thankful for Johnna of Twila & Co.  for helping me design, package and ship the incredible spokesmodel gift boxes for this year! With goodies from Monkee’s of Fredericksburg, Ladyburg and Popcorn Bag, the girls were in for a treat! I LOVED watching them all share on Instagram this week that they were chosen for the team and see the excited posts from parents and friends…it was such a fun past couple of days! I’ve snagged some of my favorite shots from Instagram:

HopeTaylorPhotography_1214 HopeTaylorPhotography_1215 HopeTaylorPhotography_1216 HopeTaylorPhotography_1217 HopeTaylorPhotography_1218 HopeTaylorPhotography_1219 HopeTaylorPhotography_1220 HopeTaylorPhotography_1221 HopeTaylorPhotography_1222 HopeTaylorPhotography_1223 HopeTaylorPhotography_1224 HopeTaylorPhotography_1225 HopeTaylorPhotography_1226 HopeTaylorPhotography_1227 HopeTaylorPhotography_1228 HopeTaylorPhotography_1229 HopeTaylorPhotography_1230HopeTaylorPhotography_1231 HopeTaylorPhotography_1232



And then one of my FAVORITE things has to be this video of cute little Taylor! I’m not sure if I’ve ever smiled so big while watching something – haha!! Thank you so much to all the sweet mommas who went undercover and video taped and photographed their daughters for me this week!


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February 23, 2017


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