Fawn Lake Spring Engagement Session Meagan and Justin | Fredericksburg, VA

What a fun, full week on the blog! And, I can’t think of a better way to end it than with Meagan and Justin’s beautiful Fawn Lake engagement session!!! These two are some of the sweetest, most fun clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year and I was looking forward to getting them in front of my camera  for weeks before their e-shoot finally came around! Meagan used to work at Monkee’s of Fredericksburg, which is where we connected last year – so I just KNEW her outfits were going to be amazing! And she definitely didn’t disappoint!! 🙂

We had a blast photographing some of my favorite spots in Fawn Lake – including the fully bloomed fluffy trees that I just adore!! The variety of locations, amazing golden hour and the JOY that these two have combined makes this shoot a new favorite 🙂 I cannot WAIT to photograph your big day this fall, Megan and Justin! Thank you for letting me capture your engagement portraits! Enjoy some of my favorites and leave these two some love!

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April 20, 2017


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