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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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My New Favorite Instagram Tool | Linktree For Photographers

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As business owners who use Instagram as a major tool for marketing in our business, something that we have to utilize strategically is the link that we share in our Instagram bios. What is the most important thing for our clients to see there? Our website? Our blog? A special current offer? It’s always SO hard to choose which link to have in your bio because you can only have ONE. I found myself changing the link multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times each day!) in order to allow my audience to find all of the things I wanted to them to find. But, then I discovered Linktr.ee last month and it is a GAME CHANGER. Here’s a bit of a break down of what it’s all about:

1.Linktree creates ONE link with multiple buttons:

The FREE (yes, 100% free – as of right now!) program allows you to create ONE customized link with as many buttons/additional links as you’d like. The back end looks like this:


You place the bio link in your Instagram profile, and when followers click the link, it shows them the window on the right! You an link AS MANY things as you’d like, all in one place, and change them quickly and easily!

2. You can track your statistics:

Not only do you have the opportunity to change/add additional links in your bio, but you can TRACK which links are the most popular and see how many people are clicking each link! This is HUGE! And, Linktree now offers an optional “pro” package which allows you to schedule links to go live/be removed at a specific time, see even MORE statistics, customize colors/branding and more!

3. You are in complete control of what your followers see:

This was MAJOR for me, especially because I am marketing to multiple audiences. I need my seniors, brides and photographers to all see different things at different times, depending on what is launching/booking in a specific season. I am able to be in complete control of what links are showing and what order they are shown.

Here are some of my FAVORITE ways to utilize having this tool:

  1. Share a link to my blog FIRST (because the content is constantly being refreshed and updated)
  2. Share a direct link to contact me
  3. Share a link specific to each of my audiences (brides, seniors and photographers)
  4. Share links to FREE downloads for my mailing list
  5. Share links for open registrations (i.e. mentoring, workshops, webinars, etc.)

If you haven’t tried Linktree yet, take a peek! You’ll love it as much as I do!

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  1. Megan says:

    Wow! This is awesome. I have already put this on my own Instagram account (@meganhowellphoto) and posted multiple links. Definitely helpful for people who use instagram as a business tool. Thank you Hope for this great tip!

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