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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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A Nautical Cruise Wedding in Charleston, SC Amanda + Steven | Carnival Cruise Line


If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I was on a boat last week!!! And it wasn’t just for fun…I was photographing a wedding for an AMAZING couple on a CRUISE out of CHARLESTON. Ya’ll, talk about my dream come true!!! I don’t know a better way to kick off my 2019 wedding season!!

If you are in the creative industry like me, then you have probably heard the name Sorby Sweets by now. And if you haven’t, you are missing out!! Amanda is the owner of Sorby Sweets and she has made so many BEAUTIFUL cakes and desserts for my styled shoots AND for me personally over the last few years. I’ve followed her business and loved her as a friend for so long now. When I saw her get engaged to Steven (who I photographed with Amanda at the very beginning of their relationship!!) I was OVER THE MOON excited for them both. I didn’t expect to be asked to photograph the wedding by any means…and I still can’t believe they chose me!! I remember getting the text from Amanda asking if I wanted to shoot their wedding. I was riding down I-95 and I SCREAMED out loud and called my mom out of excitement before I even responded to Amanda – HAHA!!! I was just so honored!!!

Amanda and Steven knew from the beginning of their planning process that spending time with their loved ones was their number one priority. They tried to think of the most FUN way to spend the MOST time they could with the people they loved…and a cruise wedding was the result!! We all traveled to Charleston on Friday, spent the day in Charleston on Saturday then boarded the ship Sunday for the WEDDING!! Hair and makeup started at 6am, and we boarded the boat before everyone else around 11am. The ceremony and reception were on the boat before the cruise left and it was SO. MUCH. FUN! Then their honeymoon kicked off right away…withj every single person they loved on the same ship! We all spent 5 days traveling throughout the Bahamas and it was absolutely incredible!!!

This was such a fun and unique wedding to photograph…and it was a challenge. The timeline was much different than a normal timeline because we boarded a BOAT in the middle of it!!! Technically, Carnival does not allow outside photographers…but Amanda told the coordinator that I was a friend (because I am), and we were worried what the dynamic was going to be with me photographing AND a Carnival cruise line photographer trying to shoot everything, too. But, once we got on board, they allowed Amanda to sign a waiver to not have those photographers shoot!! SUCH a blessing!!! But, the weather, timing and mid-timeline customs check still made it SUCH a fun challenge for me as a photographer!

Amanda and Steven: You guys are truly the BEST. Thank you so much for entrusting me with your precious memories, and for bringing us along for such a fun trip. Erika and I both love you and are so grateful! Enjoy some of my favorites!!!


These cookies were just AMAZING!!!


I sent Erika outside to find these palm leaves in 40 degrees with some random scissors…and it paid off!!!

2019-02-17_0003 2019-02-17_0004

LOVED this ring shot!!!

2019-02-17_0005 2019-02-17_0006 2019-02-17_0007 2019-02-17_0008 2019-02-17_0009

We made it onto the boat!!!! Time to get dressed!!!

2019-02-17_0010 2019-02-17_0011

This side balcony was TIGHT…we had to move so many beach chairs and we were crawling on top of them to get these shots! And it was COLD!!! But they are some of my favorite images!!!

2019-02-17_0012 2019-02-17_0013

Kate Spade Keds are one of my fave wedding shoes!!!

2019-02-17_0014 2019-02-17_0015 2019-02-17_0016

So many sweet moments with Amanda’s mom!!

2019-02-17_0017 2019-02-17_0018 2019-02-17_0019 2019-02-17_0020 2019-02-17_0021

That moment momma realizes you are getting MARRIED! So sweet.

2019-02-17_0022 2019-02-17_0023

I could have photographed these bridal portraits for DAYS!!!

2019-02-17_0024 2019-02-17_0025 2019-02-17_0026 2019-02-17_0027

Ceremony time!!!

2019-02-17_0028 2019-02-17_0029 2019-02-17_0030 2019-02-17_0031 2019-02-17_0032 2019-02-17_0033


2019-02-17_0034 2019-02-17_0035 2019-02-17_0036 2019-02-17_0037 2019-02-17_0038 2019-02-17_0039 2019-02-17_0040 2019-02-17_0041 2019-02-17_0042 2019-02-17_0043 2019-02-17_0044 2019-02-17_0045

The face you make when the Carnival cruise cake is nowhere near as good as the cake your wife makes…

2019-02-17_0046 2019-02-17_0047 2019-02-17_0048

The best party crew!!!


They knew how to party, even if it was 2pm!!!

2019-02-17_0050 2019-02-17_0051 2019-02-17_0052 2019-02-17_0053

My absolute fave portraits…

2019-02-17_0054 2019-02-17_0055 2019-02-17_0056 2019-02-17_0057 2019-02-17_0058

LOVE this one!!!

2019-02-17_0059 2019-02-17_0060 2019-02-17_0061 2019-02-17_0062 2019-02-17_0063

LOVE you both!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day!


A huge thank you to the creative team that made this day happen:

Hair + Makeup: Pampered & Pretty 
Wedding Planner + Florist: A Wedding for You 
Day-Of Coordinator + Caterer + Wedding Cake + DJ: Carnival 
Invitations + Paper Products: Jade Forest Design 
Welcome Bags: Caler Calligraphy
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