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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Photographers: 8 Rainy Wedding Day Must-Haves Hope Taylor Education

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This year I have already photographed not one, not two…but THREE rainy day weddings. And it’s just the end of May!!! I’ve been sharing a lot more behind-the-scenes Instagram stories throughout my wedding days and, during those rainy weddings, I received DOZENS of direct messages from photographers wanting to know the best ways to be prepared when rain hits. So, this blog post was created just for YOU!

As wedding photographers, it is our job to be prepared and reassure our clients when bad weather is in the forecast. We have to be able to protect our equipment while still looking professional and creating high quality images that match our portfolio. We already have TONS to think about at the beginning of a wedding day…it sounds intimidating to add more things to the list. But these 8 things are things that I ALWAYS have in my car and in my camera bag to be prepared…even if rain hits unexpectedly! This way, I know that I am always prepared and am never caught off-guard. I’m able to serve my clients no matter what circumstance!

*This post contains affiliate links! If you enjoy the free content you see on the blog, you can use the links in this post to purchase these items and I will get a small commission in exchange for you finding it here! XOXO!

Dark Sky Phone App

Ya’ll…this app has saved my life!! It gives you a minute-by-minute breakdown of incoming weather and rain based on your EXACT location. It will tell me exactly when the rain is scheduled to start and stop…so I can squeeze portraits in a tiny 15 minute window when the rain pauses during the reception! It helps me stay on top of my game and the weather while I’m shooting. This is typically my second shooters/assistant’s job to keep an eye on throughout the day! It is a paid app but SO worth it!


Clear Bubble Umbrellas

I literally own 10 of these. And they stay in my trunk at all times. Yes, my friends judge me. But it’s SO worth it! I keep enough for a full bridal party in case of WORST possible case scenario…and we have to do all portraits outside in the rain. I also keep two large golf umbrellas for myself and my second photographer! But, these are a must-have! Click HERE to purchase them!

View More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/kristen-and-anthony-wedding

Hunter Rain Boots

These boots are the love of my life! At one point I had four pairs…and I realized I had a problem. But seriously! I keep them in my trunk and they came in SO handy for two weddings already this year! They are comfy and COMPLETELY water/mud/dirt/FLOOD proof I’m pretty sure. I have THESE pale blue ones and I swear by them!

Makeup Touch-Ups

THIS powder compact is my new favorite thing on the planet. No, seriously. I use it alongside THIS CC cream/tinted moisturizer and it’s my new all-time fave combo! It gives me tons of coverage (and it’s buildable – you can have as much or as little as you want) and I can keep the compact in my purse to touch up throughout the day – especially rainy ones! I promise…it’s worth it.


Camera Rain Jackets

Yes…this is a thing! And I actually didn’t add them to my bag until this year! But they were a LIFESAVER just last weekend and they are now a staple and staying in my bag forever. THESE are the ones I have and I love them! They just slide over your camera and lens (no matter what size you are using!) to protect it from the elements!

Clear Hair Ties

Another one of my new fave products! These hair ties are now all over my house. And my purse. And my car. And my wrist. At all times. They are clear (so they don’t look unprofessional/not cute when shooting), they don’t pull out your hair and they DON’T leave a lump or kink or wave in your hair AT ALL EVER. Yes, I’m serious!!! I can put my hair in a high pony or a messy bun for the whole first 5 hours of a wedding day…then take it out at the reception and it’s just as straight (or curly!) as it was when I started! Get them HERE!

Trash bags (or dress bags)

This isn’t one you can purchase…but it’s one to keep nearby when shooting details and the bride in the rainy or muddy elements! Lay down a trash bag (or the plastic ones that are usually over bridesmaids dresses) underneath a dress to shoot details, or underneath the brides dress to protect it from the muddy or wet ground. It’s easy to hide, and waterproof! If you can’t find a dress bag…search the venue for a trash bag. It works just the same! I shot the photo below on a front porch while it was POURING rain…but there was a reflector above me protecting the dress and 3 trash bags underneath it protecting it from the wet concrete!!

View More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/christina-and-chris

Extra Time to Plan Locations

This one isn’t a product…it’s just a tip! When there is rain in the forecast on a wedding day, I always plan to arrive to the venue 30-45 minutes earlier than my start time. This way, I can walk the property to find covered areas, shaded spots, hidden porches, etc. and make a game plan for the bad weather. I NEVER want this to be my brides responsibility…and I also need to find locations with optimal lighting and backgrounds for photos. Build this into your rainy wedding day workflow to help prevent extra stress on you and your client!

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