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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Southern Wedding at Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina Niykee and Jacob | Charleston, SC


I haven’t been this giddy to share a blog post in a LONG TIME!!! If you follow me on social media, then you probably saw that I was in Charleston, South Carolina last weekend working on a secret project. I still can’t share details about what the overall project was for…but I can share this little piece!!!

As I was preparing for this trip, I knew I wanted to put together some type of shoot in the Charleston area. I had no idea how I was going to pull it off without a planner or point-of-contact in the area…and then I stumbled upon Miss Nicki based on multiple recommendations from local creatives. I reached out to her FULLY expecting her to be booked or uninterested…but she got back to me in MINUTES and she was just as excited to work together as I was!!! It was such a dream!! She worked so hard over the last few weeks to put this shoot together and be a part of a top-secret project…and I mean it when I say that NONE of it could have happened without her. I am so grateful!!! Not only did she put the entire shoot together…but she also MODELED with her boyfriend, Jacob! Talk about being able to do it all!!! 🙂

These images are some of my favorite work I have created in a long, long time. Getting to shoot in my favorite place with no other purpose than getting to be creative was SUCH a blessing and so good for my heart. This shoot will always be SO special to me…and will make much more sense when I can share more details about why I was in town in the first place. 🙂 But, until then, enjoy some of my favorites from this gorgeous shoot at Middleton Place!!

I have to give a HUGE, massive, gigantic, overwhelming thank you to all of the vendors who made this shoot happen for me. I couldn’t have done this without them, and am truly so grateful for each and every one:

Planner: Nicki Paige Collection

Venue: Middleton Place

Filmmaker: Joshua Bryan Cinema 

Florist: Moonlight Iris Floral

Hair and Makeup: Pampered & Pretty 

Vintage Car: Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle

Bride’s Apparel: Verita Bridal Charleston

Groom’s Apparel: Generation Tux 


I mean, when one of the very first frames looks like this, you KNOW it’s going to be good.

2019-05-14_0073 2019-05-14_0074 2019-05-14_0075 2019-05-14_0076 2019-05-14_0077 2019-05-14_0079 2019-05-14_0080

The MOSS!!! This is what my dreams are made of.

2019-05-14_0081 2019-05-14_0082 2019-05-14_0083 2019-05-14_0084 2019-05-14_0085

Love the shot on the right!!!

2019-05-14_0086 2019-05-14_0087 2019-05-14_0088 2019-05-14_0089

Another fave!!!

2019-05-14_0090 2019-05-14_0091 2019-05-14_0092 2019-05-14_0093 2019-05-14_0094

NICKI!! You are such a glowing little rockstar.

2019-05-14_0095 2019-05-14_0096 2019-05-14_0097

When I asked Nicki if she wanted to work together, one of the first things she asked was if she could include her new golden puppy. Then, they got ANOTHER ONE…so there were two brand new puppies at this shoot! I could’ve just died right then and there of pure joy!!!

2019-05-14_0098 2019-05-14_0099 2019-05-14_0100


2019-05-14_0101 2019-05-14_0102 2019-05-14_0103 2019-05-14_0104 2019-05-14_0105 2019-05-14_0106 2019-05-14_0107

I just can’t HANDLE IT!!!


This beautiful car from LowCountry Valet could not have been a better fit for my brand and this shoot!!!

2019-05-14_0109 2019-05-14_0110 2019-05-14_0111


2019-05-14_0112 2019-05-14_0113

I swear I could’ve photographed them all day.

2019-05-14_0114 2019-05-14_0115 2019-05-14_0116 2019-05-14_0117 2019-05-14_0118 2019-05-14_0119



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