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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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A Patriotic Military Wedding at Blue Valley Vineyard Candice + Michael | Delaplane, Virginia


Before Candice and Michael’s wedding, I got the sweetest email from Candice’s mom. She was telling me about how excited Candice was to have me as a part of her wedding experience…and the email brought me to tears! This was days BEFORE the wedding! I knew it was going to be an incredible day. I truly cried more at this wedding than I ever have in the dozens of weddings I photographed! The entire day was so special. Candice and Michael have such a sweet, special type of love. They truly believe that they were created to love each other…and it shows. From the way they look at each other to the way they support each other and celebrate the things that the other one loves…it’s just a beautiful thing to witness. I feel so lucky that I was able to capture it all!

From a teary-eyed first look to handwritten vows and beautiful speeches…I cried at every piece of this wedding. And I loved it!!! Haha!! There are so many sweet moments in this blog post that I just can’t wait for you to see. The military elements to honor Michael’s service, the thoughtful ways they loved on their guests, the DISNEY playlist at the reception (!!!) and the thoughtful ceremony made this day such a special one to be a part of.

Michael and Candice: I hope you are enjoying every second of your honeymoon and that you love these favorites of mine as much as I do!!!!

2019-06-10_0001 2019-06-10_0002 2019-06-10_0003 2019-06-10_0004 2019-06-10_0005 2019-06-10_0006

I just LOVE Candice’s unique floral ring!!!

2019-06-10_0007 2019-06-10_0008 2019-06-10_0009 2019-06-10_0010 2019-06-10_0011

Love this bouquet shot!!!

2019-06-10_0012 2019-06-10_0013 2019-06-10_0014 2019-06-10_0015 2019-06-10_0016 2019-06-10_0017

*Cue Hope crying behind the camera*

2019-06-10_0018 2019-06-10_0019 2019-06-10_0020


2019-06-10_0021 2019-06-10_0022 2019-06-10_0023

Two more faves!!!

2019-06-10_0024 2019-06-10_0025 2019-06-10_0026 2019-06-10_0027 2019-06-10_0028 2019-06-10_0029 2019-06-10_0030 2019-06-10_0031 2019-06-10_0032

Definitely climbed on top of my car for this one…worth it!!!

2019-06-10_0033 2019-06-10_0034 2019-06-10_0035 2019-06-10_0036 2019-06-10_0037 2019-06-10_0038 2019-06-10_0039 2019-06-10_0040 2019-06-10_0041 2019-06-10_0042 2019-06-10_0043 2019-06-10_0044 2019-06-10_0045 2019-06-10_0046 2019-06-10_0047

Yeeepppp. Cue me crying again. I just love these two!!!

2019-06-10_0048 2019-06-10_0049 2019-06-10_0050 2019-06-10_0051 2019-06-10_0052 2019-06-10_0053 2019-06-10_0054 2019-06-10_0055



Snagged this sweet moment right after the ceremony!!!

2019-06-10_0057 2019-06-10_0058 2019-06-10_0059 2019-06-10_0060 2019-06-10_0061 2019-06-10_0062 2019-06-10_0063 2019-06-10_0064 2019-06-10_0065


2019-06-10_0066 2019-06-10_0067 2019-06-10_0068 2019-06-10_0069 2019-06-10_0070

LOVED the individually engraved dog tags on each napkin!!!

2019-06-10_0071 2019-06-10_0072 2019-06-10_0073 2019-06-10_0074 2019-06-10_0075 2019-06-10_0076 2019-06-10_0077 2019-06-10_0078 2019-06-10_0079 2019-06-10_0080 2019-06-10_0081 2019-06-10_0082 2019-06-10_0083 2019-06-10_0084 2019-06-10_0085 2019-06-10_0086 2019-06-10_0087 2019-06-10_0088

The ring bearer being carried out like this during the song from the LION KING. HAHAH! So perfect!

2019-06-10_0089 2019-06-10_0090 2019-06-10_0091 2019-06-10_0092 2019-06-10_0093

A huge thank you to the incredible vendors that made this day happen:

Hair & Makeup: MAB Artistry 
Planner: Robin Ruiz 
Caterer & Cake: RSVP Catering 
Bride’s Gown Designer: Morilee by Madeline Gardner 
Bride’s Gown Retailer: The Bridal Boutique 
Bride’s Earrings: Etsy 
Bride’s Necklace: Swarovski 
Invitations: Minted 
Videographer: DP Weddings 
Transportation: Camelot Classic Cars 
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