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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Charleston-Bound Part 4: We’re Home! Personal


HOW is it already October!? The last Charleston-bound blog post I did was at the end of July…and it’s been SO crazy since then that I haven’t had a chance to do an updated post until now! SO much has happened since our move. I’ve traveled to so many different states shooting weddings and speaking at conferences in addition to moving, getting settled, networking in a new place and trying to soak up as much as I can. It’s been insane but SO wonderful!!

I am going to break this week’s post into two parts. Today’s blog is going to be a recap of ALL the memories we’ve made since we moved here!!! And TOMORROW I’ll be sharing a home tour…and I can’t wait for you to see it!!! But, these blog posts are so special to me because it’s almost like keeping a diary for me. It helps me to reminisce on some of these memories and special moments that would otherwise slip by so quickly. It also allows me to go back and scroll through these posts months and YEARS from now to remember such a sweet season!!!

So, for those who maybe haven’t been following along – my family and I relocated from Northern Virginia to Charleston, SC at the end of July. We uprooted everything, lived in a hotel for two weeks and then moved into our new home!! But, it’s been an INSANE season of work and travel for me on top of it all…so get ready for a serious roller coaster ride of photos!!!

Some of my favorites memories I want to remember from the last few months:

-So many nights sitting out by the pool with my family, watching the sunset and sipping white wine

-The week we moved in and unpacked as a family unit. My brother hadn’t even the house when we moved in…it was all a surprise for him and so fun!!

-Exploring Charleston and Mount Pleasant by eating our way through the city (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing my fave spots in upcoming blog posts!!)

-Having my parents both be SO helpful and supportive by driving me and encouraging me through crazy amounts of travel

-Somehow staying HEALTHY (knock on wood) through an insane schedule that would’ve put me in the hospital two years ago (if you haven’t seen me mention my health journey…my autoimmune issues used to be severe and workloads like this would make me very, very sick)

-Driving over the Charleston bridge or seeing the water and having moments that hit me of “oh my goodness…I can’t believe we actually LIVE here”

-When I lived here a few years growing up, there is a factory area by the bridge in North Charleston and whenever you drive by, it has a super weird smell from all of the factory emissions. It sounds SO weird…but I used to call it the “stinky factory” when I was little…and it’s honestly such a nostalgic smell now! Haha!

-The overall JOY of this season…even amidst some stressful moments and painful transitions. I’m so grateful for my entire family and this last few months together!

Okay, now for the photo recap!!! I’m truly trying to share as many as I can without making this an entire BOOK of a post!!!

This was the morning we left Fredericksburg for Charleston!!! Nate (my brother) stayed behind an extra week to look after my house while the rest of us went to live in a hotel in Charleston and be nearby whenever we were ready to close!

We were SO happy to be in Charleston…but had to live in a hotel for a week (on top of the week we were living in a hotel in VA). Our house had sold, but our closing couldn’t go through as quick as we hoped because of unforeseen circumstances. So, we were on hold with no idea when the closing would happen…but hoping it was within the week!

We did LOTS of exploring (and even more eating) during this week!!!

Papi’s and Vintage Coffee Co. are just two of my absolute favorites that I’ve been back to over and over!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Sitting on the hotel patio sipping wine and HOPING we’d move in the next couple days!!!

MOVE IN DAY!!! This was actually such a discouraging morning because we got the call we didn’t think the funds were going to transfer fast enough, which would mean we had to stay a whole additional weekend in the hotel. And, the room my sister and I were in was taken…so it would’ve meant 4 of us and 2 dogs in one room for 3 nights. We were NOT happy. But then we got the call that it had all gone through…and I’ve never seen us speed faster to somewhere in my life!!! HOME!!!

Target run for air mattresses and pillows and #allthethings…our stuff was still in storage until the following day!

Nate came to join us the next day and we were SO excited to show him around!!! The fishing behind our back fence is his fave. We won’t talk about the gator that lives here.

First time using the pool!!!

Move-in DONE…time to celebrate!!! We all got dressed up and headed downtown for dinner, but not before a family pic! My tripod wasn’t unpacked yet, so this book would have to do! Haha!!!

  Back to Papi’s to introduce Nate to it!!

Mount Pleasant farmer’s market!! My last night in Charleston before travel insanity began.

I drove from Charleston to VA (with my dad, bless his heart!) to host a workshop in my home!!! I hosted a two-day workshop, filmed a huge project and moved out in the same 4 day period. CRAZY!

The best workshop attendees!!!

MOVED OUT! I couldn’t believe I did it within 48 hours of the workshop!!!

Filmed a 6 hour film day then headed to Maryland to photograph this wedding the following day!!!

Then I flew to Nashville to speak at Conference 12!!!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

THEN flew to Florida for a mastermind intensive with my business coach!!! Two straight weeks of nonstop work!! But I loved each piece of it!!

We won’t talk about the craziness of our horrible Airbnb and trying to find a hotel at the last second and get a refund…but we did it!!!

Mastermind day!!!



Then HOME to Charleston!!! I actually ended up having to fly home a day early because of the hurricane on it’s way to the East Coast. I got to change my ticket for free, which ended up being such a blessing after so much travel. I was ready to be HOME!!! I headed back and we went to celebrate a family friend’s birthday downtown!!

Then to Felix for dinner!! Another one of my faves!!!


Then, you guessed it…back to VA for a wedding that weekend!!!

But my sweet friend Maddie from VA got to ride back with me to Charleston to spend the week with me!!

Papi’s…again. Is this concerning?

Another one of my favorite things about Charleston…all of the frogs and lizards!! They’re my favorite!!!

Then off to CAPE COD to shoot a destination wedding with my best friend Kristen!! M&M pancakes for breakfast!!!

The most AMAZING views and a bride that was gluten free…I could eat everything!!!

Then off to Texas to speak at the Next Level Retreat in Austin!!! Love sweet Laylee so much!!!

Seriously the BEST and most refreshing few days!!!


Back home for 24 hours in Charleston…then on the road for another VA wedding!!!

Grateful for my sweet parents who help me break up the 8 hour drives each way!!!

There were THREE HTP brides at this wedding!!! It was amazing!!!

A necessary late-night stop at my favorite ice cream shop in Fredericksburg!!

Then HOME with my pup and family for the LONGEST stretch since moving here…almost two full weeks in once place!!!

Trying to embrace fall despite the 90 degree temps!!

Shopping days!!!



Meeting the SWEETEST local vendor friends (and enjoying the BEST nachos ever at Saltwater Cowboys!)



Working on client gifts for my 2020 brides!!!

Soaking up as many poolside moments as I can!!

Meals downtown with these pretty girls!!

Gospel brunch at Hall’s Chophouse!! Truly a highlight since moving here!!

Hahaha! Constantly eating an absurd about of Jeni’s…but it’s necessary when living here, right!? The crazy travel starts back up this weekend and goes through every weekend in Oct…but I can’t WAIT to be more permanently in Charleston starting Nov 1!!!

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