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Yesterday I shared a recap of the last few months living here in Charleston…but today’s post is by far the most requested!!! As most of you know, I am living with my family here in Charleston right now and if you read THIS post, then you know we landed our DREAM home here. It was 1 of 12 homes we toured back in March, and our entire family fell in LOVE with this house. But, there were SO many odds stacked against us that it felt almost impossible for us to get it. But the Lord stepped in and it all fell into place at the perfect time. It still feels surreal that we are living here and we are SO unbelievably grateful!!!

Unlike my At Home With Hope series of MY house the last couple years…I can’t take any credit for the decorating talent in this blog post 😉 My sweet momma is absolutely INCREDIBLE and has knocked it out of the park with decorating and making this house into a home!! I can only hope my own house will be half this beautiful!! And, I keep telling my mom she needs to have her own blog for decor, hosting, cooking and lifestyle…but she just won’t do it. Maybe you guys can convince her after seeing the gorgeousness in this post 😉

I know the pics are what you are dying to see, so here is a peek into our Charleston home!!!

Some of her favorite places that she’s found home decor here in Charleston (because most is from our old house!):

CHD Interiors

Jordan Connelly Studio 


Emily Daw Textiles 

Bubbles Boutique

Annie Selke 

Megan Molten

I did contribute by carrying that GIANT fiddle fig out of Lowe’s here hahaha!

We LOVE the high ceilings and details!

Shiplap dreams!!!

My sister painted that Charleston painting on the left before we moved! She is INSANELY talented!!!

I almost dropped my camera getting these shots…but totally worth it.

LOVE this color palette and these rockers!!!

We have a huge alligator that lives in the pond behind our fence…so my mom got this mat for the back porch! Haha!!

Can you tell we’re holding on to summer with our tulips in the kitchen?

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October 3, 2019


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