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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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I’ve Been Keeping a Huge Secret… Personal

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I have truly NEVER been this excited to share a blog post. Ever. Ever. Ever. I’ve never had to keep a secret this big for this long EVER in my WHOLE LIFE and guys…I’M FREAKING OUT!!! I’ve been hinting at a major announcement and surprise for MONTHS now…but didn’t want to say too much. And now I finally get to tell you!!! You’ll have to watch today’s video to find out what I’m talking about…

Did you watch yet!? Don’t scroll until you do…


If you have been following me for ANY amount of time, then you know this has been my dream for pretty much my entire life. My family lived in Charleston when I was growing up (my little brother was born in Mount Pleasant!), and we have always wanted to go back. We all thought it was YEARS away (like…retirement age) until the last few months! We’ve been back and forth to Charleston looking at homes, listing my family’s house on the market, making all of the arrangements and doing #allthethings…and I’ll be re-locating at the end of July! AHHHHHH!!!

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me just stop and answer the popular questions I know I’ll receive:

What are you doing with your house!? 

 I will be keeping my house in Virginia through December to finish out my wedding season here, but will be moving out then. It is SO bittersweet because I love my little house…but I know ultimately Charleston is where I’m meant to be!

What about your weddings in Virginia!?

I’ve already contacted all of my clients here in VA and don’t worry, NOTHING is changing about the work I already have booked! But, starting today, I will only be accepting portrait session bookings in the Charleston area – and I will be charging travel to come back to VA for any bookings after this post goes live. But, I’ve been secretly turning away VA bookings for weeks now! It’s been so hard!!! (If you want to chat about working together in Charleston, you can contact me HERE!)

Is your whole family moving?

YES!!! The entire Taylor clan is going South!!! I’ll be living with them until I find my own place in Charleston next year and I cannot stinking wait to experience this season with them!

What else does this change?

Absolutely nothing! Nothing is changing about my business, my education, my courses, my services or me! Just where I’ll be living!!!

Okay…I think those are the major questions I’m expecting! HAHA!!! But, when you saw me in Charleston back in May for THIS styled shoot and a “secret project”…we were filming this promo announcement with Joshua Bryan Cinema!!! That was the ENTIRE purpose of the trip (and my last few trips to Charleston!), but I just couldn’t tell you yet!!!

I have to take a quick pause to thank the incredible people who made this video happen for me. I’ve watched it easily over 100 times and I’m so grateful for it! It celebrates SUCH an exciting new season of life for me and was truly such a fun project to be a part of.

Joshua Bryan Cinema | Erika Lynn Photo | Monkee’s of Fredericksburg | LowCountry ValetNicki Paige Collection 

(plus all of the vendors tagged in THIS post that made the styled shoot happen!!!)

As this post is going live, I have EXACTLY one month until I’ll be moving into my new home in Charleston (Lord willing, as long as nothing goes wrong during the remainder of the closing process!). WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. Absolute craziness!!! I’m sharing more on the blog in the coming weeks about the process of the last few months of finding a home, finding out ours sold and doing all the fun things leading up to the move!!! It’s so crazy to see God’s hand so clearly in it all…and we’re so grateful.

Oh, and if you’ve made it this far…have you noticed anything different about the blog? 🙂 My ENTIRE website and blog are BRAND NEW to represent this new season of my business!!! A huge thank you to Jen Olmstead for all of her hard work to make this happen…I am IN LOVE! I’d love to hear what you think – go ahead and click around and tell me your new fave section in the comments below!

I’ll end this exciting post with a few of my new fave head shots from Charleston thanks to Erika!! WHEW…let’s do this thing!!!!

2019-06-13_0002 2019-06-13_0003 2019-06-13_0004 2019-06-13_0005 2019-06-13_0006 2019-06-13_0007 2019-06-13_0008

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  1. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Congratulations Hope and the Taylor clan! I’m incredibly happy for all of you. Love your announcement Hope, the new website, the darling video and the new photos of you. WOW!! Once again you’ve accomplished sooo much and the whole family is very proud of you.❤️

  2. Samantha Edall says:

    Congrats, girlie!! I feel like you belong in Charleston! ????

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