3 Best Strategies for Instagram Stories Happy Hour with Hope

This episode is easily my FAVORITE episode about Instagram that I’ve shared so far. And, that’s because it’s breaking down my FAVORITE tool on Instagram right now…Instagram STORIES! The algorithms are making it harder and harder for small business owners to get their follower’s eyes on their content when sharing to their feed…but Instagram stories are the place to BE right now in the small business world. It can feel overwhelming trying to determine what, when and how to share to stories to be strategic and make the most of your time…but I’m here to help with that!

In today’s video I’m sharing a step-by-step breakdown of my 3 favorite Instagram story strategies. You’ll get to see exactly how I use stories in my biz, examples of how it’s increasing my interaction and engagement and WHY I believe you should start trying these strategies in your own biz!


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March 16, 2020


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