Megan and Charles | A Downtown D.C. Couple


Megan and Charles are just the absolute CUTEST couple ever! These photos were for their FOUR year anniversary and I was soooo ecstatic when Megan texted me asking to book a DC session! I shot these two once last summer when I was first kick-starting my business, and I fell in love with them! They totally rock all of their photos and just have a natural connection that is SO sweet.

We wanted to head up to DC for the cherry blossom festival, but something came up and we were unable to make it-but I’m sooooooo glad we ended up waiting for a time when there were less people! Even though the cherry blossoms were no longer in full bloom, we got to explore the downtown area and enjoy the sunset with no crowds! SCORE!

They brought along the most ADORABLE outfits and I am IN LOVE with their images!! Check out my favorites below and leave them some love 🙂

If you’re interested in booking a couple or engagement session for this summer, visit for more information! Feel free to send me a message, I would love to chat!

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Megan, look at those eyes!!!

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FAVORITE! That sunset-ahhh!!

2014-04-28_0021 2014-04-28_0022 2014-04-28_0023 2014-04-28_0024


April 28, 2014


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