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Last week, I was asked to create some “Quick Tips” videos for the brand new Shoot & Share website + Shareholder community. I was SO excited at this opportunity, but initially went blank on what I should talk about!! With so many different topics in this industry, I could have gone in almost any direction with these videos! I had two minutes to give fast, applicable business tips on ANY topic that I wanted. So, of course, I chose Instagram 🙂

I think Instagram is SO important as a photographer (or in any creative industry!) and I think that utilizing it to grow my business was one of the best marketing decisions I’ve ever made!! I can confidently say that a solid 80% of my inquiries (if not more!) come directly from Instagram! How crazy is that!? So, I contacted my close friend Josh of Medlin Film and he helped me film this quick tips video (he’s wonderful!!) and I am so excited to share it with you all today! You can find it on the Shoot & Share website HERE or just watch below!! 🙂 If it helped you, feel free to share it!! Keep an eye out on Shoot & Share for another one of my Quick Tips videos coming soon!!



July 16, 2015

  1. Jessica says:

    So concise and helpful! Thank you

  2. This is great! Thanks, Hope!

  3. Fantastic tips! Loving your new studio!!

  4. Mai says:

    I LOVE the tips! 🙂

  5. […] Tip! Be Present on Social Media: I blog A LOT about Instagram (read a few of the posts HERE, HERE and HERE) but social media can be used to grow your business in more ways than I can count! […]

  6. Great tips Hope! I love the idea of incorporating something from your brand color in every shot. That is my next to do!

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