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I woke up this morning and had completely forgotten that today was August 20th. And August 20th is the day that Hope Taylor Photography became officially official. It was the summer before my senior year in high school and I headed to the courthouse with a dream and walked out with a business of my own. I call it my little “business baby” and today is my business baby’s second birthday!!!

It feels like yesterday was the first anniversary of my business, and it’s so crazy to me that it has already been two years! While I have been shooting for quite a bit longer than that, I became a licensed business owner 2 years ago and my Timehop app on my phone this morning showed me just how far I’ve come since then!! In celebration of my second year in business, I want to use this blog post to encourage those who may be just starting out. This entire blog post is going to be filled with images I took when I was a beginner (ranging from 2-4 years ago!!) because my photos did NOT always look like they do now. I promise that, if you are feeling discouraged, you can DO THIS. Keep hustlin’  because I PROMISE you will get there!!

Here’s a photo from the day that I became a business owner two years ago!!!


All of these images are from 2+ years ago and taken on my little Canon Rebel T2i-I can remember taking each and every one!!!



August 20, 2015

  1. Christy says:

    Hope, thank you for posting this. It’s incredible to see how far you’ve come in just TWO years!! I am so encouraged and inspired by you and I hope to be a successful photographer in two years time aswell! I have started my business this year and it’s wonderful to see how much you’ve grown and achieved in such a short time. Congratulations!!!

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