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When I first heard about the new Shoot & Share magazines, I was ecstatic! I had been on the hunt for a new, unique gift for my 2016 senior clients + I had finally found the PERFECT one! These magazines are designed, printed and shipped FOR you, your only job is to send a PASS gallery over to Amy, the fabulous designer, and she takes it from there! I received my first magazine in the mail last week and knew I HAD to share it on the blog!

But, before I share more about the packaging + magazine details, I wanted to put a disclaimer on this blog post. For some, the price of these magazines may not make sense as a client gift depending on the price of your portrait packages. This is something that I have JUST started doing as my senior package prices have increased, but I did NOT always provide my seniors with a gift like this! These magazines are not included in their package price (i.e. they are not listed in the package, etc.) but they are received as a surprise gift after their session. I am not sharing this blog post to tell the world that you HAVE to use them as a gift for your clients, because that is not true! There are SO many ways to incorporate these into your business, even if you decide only to purchase 1 or 2 to display your work at consultations!! 🙂

But, with that being said, I have been working hard this season to create an even more unique + personalized senior experience for all of my 2016 (and future!) girls. From the initial email to the personalized questionnaire to the shoot to the surprises that follow, my goal is for my #htpseniors to feel LOVED during every step of the process!! However, client gifts + packaging are two of the things that I struggled with MOST! I am NOT good at pretty things (unless they are in front of my camera!) so being creative when it comes to packaging makes me nervous every time. So, my hope is that this blog post will help a fellow photographer spark some creativity in their packaging + gifting!!

Magazines + Designs: Shoot & Share Store 

Client Cards + Custom Stickers: Moo

Gold Polka Dot Tissue: Etsy


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August 24, 2015

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