Allie + Mike | Engagement Session Downtown Fredericksburg, VA

This season of engagements and seniors is always my favorite time of year!!! SO many gorgeous graduates and so many of my beautiful couples preparing to tie the knot…it’s such a time of joy and celebration! Allie and Mike’s engagement session in downtown Fredericksburg could not have been more fun. The entire week had been 100 degree heat index…but we had a breezy 80 degree day for their shoot and I just loved it!

Our first stop was a beach on the river with GORGEOUS light seeping through the trees. Then, we headed to one of my favorite hidden gems in Fredericksburg and discovered some stunning nooks & crannies with pink flowers and golden light…I’m in love!

Enjoy some of my favorites from Allie + Mike’s engagement session! I can’t wait for their wedding at the end of July! AH!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8230 HopeTaylorPhotography_8231 HopeTaylorPhotography_8232 HopeTaylorPhotography_8233 HopeTaylorPhotography_8234 HopeTaylorPhotography_8235 HopeTaylorPhotography_8236 HopeTaylorPhotography_8237 HopeTaylorPhotography_8238 HopeTaylorPhotography_8239 HopeTaylorPhotography_8240 HopeTaylorPhotography_8241 HopeTaylorPhotography_8242 HopeTaylorPhotography_8243 HopeTaylorPhotography_8244 HopeTaylorPhotography_8245 HopeTaylorPhotography_8246 HopeTaylorPhotography_8247 HopeTaylorPhotography_8248 HopeTaylorPhotography_8249 HopeTaylorPhotography_8250 HopeTaylorPhotography_8251 HopeTaylorPhotography_8252

Love this!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8253 HopeTaylorPhotography_8254 HopeTaylorPhotography_8255 HopeTaylorPhotography_8256 HopeTaylorPhotography_8257 HopeTaylorPhotography_8258 HopeTaylorPhotography_8259 HopeTaylorPhotography_8260 HopeTaylorPhotography_8261 HopeTaylorPhotography_8262 HopeTaylorPhotography_8263 HopeTaylorPhotography_8264

Ohhhh this ring…so much sparkle !

HopeTaylorPhotography_8265 HopeTaylorPhotography_8266 HopeTaylorPhotography_8267 HopeTaylorPhotography_8268 HopeTaylorPhotography_8269 HopeTaylorPhotography_8270 HopeTaylorPhotography_8271 HopeTaylorPhotography_8272 HopeTaylorPhotography_8273 HopeTaylorPhotography_8274 HopeTaylorPhotography_8275

This little nook of pink flowers…obsessed!!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8276 HopeTaylorPhotography_8277 HopeTaylorPhotography_8278 HopeTaylorPhotography_8279 HopeTaylorPhotography_8280 HopeTaylorPhotography_8281 HopeTaylorPhotography_8282 HopeTaylorPhotography_8283 HopeTaylorPhotography_8284 HopeTaylorPhotography_8285 HopeTaylorPhotography_8286

LOVE this one!!!

HopeTaylorPhotography_8287 HopeTaylorPhotography_8288 HopeTaylorPhotography_8289 HopeTaylorPhotography_8290 HopeTaylorPhotography_8291 HopeTaylorPhotography_8292 HopeTaylorPhotography_8293 HopeTaylorPhotography_8294 HopeTaylorPhotography_8295 HopeTaylorPhotography_8296 HopeTaylorPhotography_8297

So darn cute!!!


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June 21, 2016


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