Creating Professional Graphics without Photoshop For Photographers


So, some people may think I’m crazy for this post…but I’m hoping it’s helpful to some of the fellow business owners out there!!! 🙂 When I was in my first year in business, I needed a quick and easy way to create professional social media and blog graphics. I had NO experience in Photoshop or Indesign (and still have very limited knowledge of them) so I resorted back to a program that I used all throughout middle and high school…POWERPOINT!!! And, it was SO quick and easy, I STILL use it to create all of my business graphics! So, for everyone else out there that needs an easy-to-use alternative for their graphics…here’s a walkthrough of how I create mine in powerpoint!!! 🙂

I’m going to show you how I made the graphic for this blog post in less than 3 minutes!!! 🙂 I hopped into Powerpoint, changed the background color to my branding color, inserted an image and changed the fonts to match my branding as well. It took me less than 2 minutes to throw this together…I just love PP!!


Then, I go to “slideshow” and click “play from start” or “play from current slide”. This will open the slide full screen. I then screenshot the slide (hold Command + Shift + 3 on a Mac) and it will place the screenshot on my desktop.


I throw the screenshot into Lightroom and crop it (make sure it’s on “custom” and unlocked so that you can crop out the black framing on the sides and nothing else!) Then export it at quality 60!! 🙂


Then I pull it into Blogstomp and size it for the blog! Done and done in less than 3 minutes!! Ignore that I haven’t updated my Blogstomp program…usually the bottoms actually show up on the bottom!! 🙂


It’s THAT easy!!! Hopefully I’m not the only one who does this and people don’t think I’m crazy!!! But it’s EASY and it works and it’s such a time saver!!! 🙂


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July 28, 2016


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