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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Vintage Barbie Inspired Wedding Day at Quirk Hotel Caroline and Costa


I feel like this post has been anticipated for so long!!! After over a year of planning and prepping, Caroline and Costa tied the knot last weekend at Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia! I’ve always called Caroline the real-life Barbie doll, and her wedding day was the epitome of vintage Barbie inspiration!! I knew that the big day was going to be breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully executed, but I couldn’t have anticipated the calm, relaxed demeanor or joyful love that radiated throughout the entire day.

Instead of traditionally getting ready with bridesmaids and groomsmen, Caroline and Costa opted to get ready together on the morning of the wedding. They spent a relaxing morning together in their Quirk Hotel suite sipping champagne, reading letters they wrote to one another and celebrating what special memories the day would hold. It was so relaxed and set the tone for an incredible rest of the day! After an adorable first look, we spent two full hours (a photographers’ dream!!!) capturing portraits in some of my favorite locations at Quirk (including a life-size floral wall by Amanda Veronee – AH!) After that, it was time to head to the ceremony and get MARRIED!

The rest of the day was just as joyful as it was beautiful and I was so honored to be a part of it! Caroline and Costa, I am so thankful to call you both friends and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! Have an amazing rest of your time in GREECE!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2330 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2331 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2332 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2333

LOVE this shot of Drew’s!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2334 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2335


Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2336 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2337 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2338 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2339 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2340 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2341 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2342 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2343

That fluffy bouquet is what dreams are made of!!


So classic!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2345 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2346 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2347 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2348 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2349 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2350 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2351 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2352 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2353 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2354 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2355 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2356

Gah!!! So gorgeous!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2357 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2358 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2359 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2360 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2361 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2362 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2363 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2364 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2365 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2366 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2367 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2368 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2369 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2370 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2371 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2372

Another favorite!! Caroline, you are radiant!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2373 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2374 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2375 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2376 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2377


Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2378 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2379 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2380 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2381 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2382 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2383 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2384 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2385

Golden hour portraits always end up melting my heart!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2386 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2387 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2388 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2389 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2390 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2391 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2392 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2393 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2394 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2395 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2396 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2397 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2398 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2399 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2400

The night ended with a balloon elevator send-off!! Perfection!!


Thank you to the incredible vendor team who made this day happen:

Venue | Quirk Hotel

Hair | Rachel at ELLE Style Studio 

Makeup | Kara Waggoner

Florals | Amanda Veronee

Dress | Annalise Bridal

Cake | Sweet Fix

DJ | Rudy Lopez

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  1. Chloe says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  2. You are so so talented and this whole day took my breath away!

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