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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Elegant Plum Wedding Inspiration at Riverside Center Tigre + Josh | Fredericksburg, VA


Ohhhh Tigre and Josh’s wedding was so much fun for SO many reasons! Last year, I photographed Josh’s twin bother’s wedding day (Caleb and Anna!!!) and their mom was my accountant for over a year!! When I arrived at the bridal suite on Tigre and Josh’s wedding day last weekend, it was SO fun to see so many familiar faces. It was a grey, rainy September day but that wasn’t putting a damper on ANYONE’S mood 🙂 It was joy-filled from moment one!!

These two met their freshman year of college at George Mason through a mutual friend. But, they didn’t start dating until late summer of 2015…which also happens to be right before Josh left for a 10-month deployment for the Army. Craziness!!  And talk about building a strong foundation for marriage! These two have been though so much as a couple already and their bond is so strong. They both have so much love for the Lord and respect for each other…it’s an amazing thing to witness (and photograph)!

Also, such a random and funny side note: these two tied the knot at a beautiful local church and hosted their reception at Riverside Center. It doubles as a dinner theatre where I used to perform as a kid!!! It was so nostalgic to be shooting there 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites from Josh and Tigre’s beautiful wedding day! Tigre and Josh: I hope you are having the most AMAZING time on your honeymoon! XOXOXO!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2860 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2861 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2862

Huge thanks to my amazing second shooter, Maddie, for this shot!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2863 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2864 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2865 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2866 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2867 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2868 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2869 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2870

Such a sweet daddy-daughter first look!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2871 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2872 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2873

A quick “blind” first look and a prayer before heading off to the ceremony!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2874 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2875 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2876 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2877

SUCH a gorgeous space!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2878 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2879

And the BEST groom reaction ever 🙂

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2880 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2881 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2882 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2883 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2884 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2885 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2886 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2887


Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2888 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2889 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2890 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2891 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2892 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2893 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2894

We had a break in the rain for JUST enough time for these portraits. So thankful!!! 🙂

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2895 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2896 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2897 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2898



Love that her dress has POCKETS!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2900 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2901 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2902 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2903 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2904 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2905 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2906

Mr. and Mrs. Hammond!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2907 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2908 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2909 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2910 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2911 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2912 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2913 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2914 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2915 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2916 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2917 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2918 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2919 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2920 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2921 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2922 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2923 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2924 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2925 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_2926

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