Golden Hour Engagement Session on Emerald Isle Kaitlin + Hunter | Emerald Isle, NC

Last week was a BIG travel week!!! I had a wedding at the Biltmore in NC, back home for a senior shoot in Fredericksburg on Tuesday, back to NC for this engagement session on Emerald Isle and then back home to leave again Friday morning for Charleston! WHEW!  But traveling is one of my favorite things about this job so I was left feeling so, so thankful. When Kaitlin and Hunter mentioned wanting to shoot their engagement portraits at her family’s beach house on Emerald Isle…my heart melted. So many amazing memories were made here on this beach…it was the PERFECT location for their shoot!

I got into town midday Wednesday and the weather was perfect. But the best part is that the beach was EMPTY!! It is off-season at Emerald Isle right now…so there was no one in sight. We had all of the gorgeous locations to OURSELVES which was a photographer’s dream come true!! Kaitlin had two beautiful outfits that were so much fun to photograph – including a Southern-inspired look complete with a white sunhat and pearls. She’s a girl after my own heart!!

Kaitlin and Hunter, I had so much fun with you two!! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites…I can’t wait for the wedding in September!!


The LIGHT was such a dream!!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4645 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4646 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4647 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4648 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4649 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4650 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4651

Favorite!! The back of this dress was ADORABLE!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4652 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4653 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4654 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4655 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4656 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4657 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4658 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4659 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4660 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4661

I mean…c’mon. These outfit options + this light = one SERIOUSLY happy Hope!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4662 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4663 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4664

Two more faves!!

Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4665 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4666 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4667 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4668 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4669 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4670 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4671 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4672 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4673 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4674 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4675 Richmond_Virginia_Southern_Wedding_Photographer_4676

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April 19, 2018

  1. Aria says:

    Love, love, love! That first dress is so cute!

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