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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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Floral Spring Engagement Session at Lake Anna Tess and Tyler | Lake Anna, Virginia

Couple Sessions

It’s been a busy week on the blog this week! This is the FOURTH and final post of the week and I think it’s a great finale!!! Tess and Tyler wanted to do something unique for their engagement session, so we went back and forth over email brainstorming some ideas. Then Tess stumbled upon one of my past engagement sessions involving a floral canoe…and she LOVED the idea!! So, we got in contact with Diane at Whimsy and she worked with us to create the DREAMIEST floral-covered canoe!!!

When Tess and Tyler arrived at Lake Anna, Tess jumped out of the truck and was just a bubble of excitement. I LOVED IT! We were completely on the same page with our bubbly personalities and our excitement for this session! They were NATURALS from the moment we got started and Tyler flirted with Tess in the most adorable way the entire time. I couldn’t stop smiling! It couldn’t have been more fun. Plus, Diane was a total ROCKSTAR in helping us hold the canoe in the water and keep it steady. So, shoutout to her for being the mastermind behind the florals and even making this pictures possible:


HAHAH! Tess and I decided that photo is going to be her save the date!

Tess and Tyler: I can’t wait for you to scroll through some of my favorites and I am PUMPED for your wedding day next year! XOXOXO!

2019-05-17_0042 2019-05-17_0043 2019-05-17_0044 2019-05-17_0045

Tess hiked up a hill in HEELS to get to this spot with the field and glowy light. I’d say it was worth it!!

2019-05-17_0046 2019-05-17_0047 2019-05-17_0048 2019-05-17_0049 2019-05-17_0050


2019-05-17_0051 2019-05-17_0052 2019-05-17_0053

Another fave!!!

2019-05-17_0054 2019-05-17_0055 2019-05-17_0056 2019-05-17_0057 2019-05-17_0058 2019-05-17_0059 2019-05-17_0060 2019-05-17_0061 2019-05-17_0062 2019-05-17_0063 2019-05-17_0064 2019-05-17_0065 2019-05-17_0066

Just so stinking sweet!!!

2019-05-17_0067 2019-05-17_0068 2019-05-17_0069

GAHHH! This canoe!! Amazing!

2019-05-17_0070 2019-05-17_0071 2019-05-17_0072 2019-05-17_0073

LOVE this one!

2019-05-17_0074 2019-05-17_0075 2019-05-17_0076 2019-05-17_0077 2019-05-17_0078 2019-05-17_0079 2019-05-17_0080 2019-05-17_0081 2019-05-17_0082 2019-05-17_0083

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