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Hope Taylor is a photographer specializing in senior portraits serving both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.


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August 2019 Workshop Recap Hope Taylor Education

For Photographers

SO MUCH has happened in the last few weeks…I seriously can’t even believe it sometimes!! At the end of July, we packed up and moved to Charleston, SC. We lived in a hotel for 10 days with two dogs, moved into our new home and unpacked. I spent the two weeks living in Charleston hustling hard on a brand new course…then traveled back to Virginia to host this workshop!! I announced this workshop MONTHS ago, long before we knew we would be moving, and it sold out quickly…so I would NEVER imagine moving it or changing it just because we moved!! As I type this, I am taking breaks to pack up my house because I will be handing over the keys in just 48 hours. I hosted the workshop in a half empty home…and now I have to completely empty it!! It’s been a CRAZY few days (and will continue to be a crazy couple weeks!) but I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

These workshops that I host 2-3 times a year are hands-down one of my favorite things that I offer in my entire business. I get to spend a full 2.5 days with 12 photographers who traveled in from all across the country to invest in themselves and their businesses. We spent that entire time (20 hours of content, to be specific!) talking about every. single. part. of running a succesful photography business. My workshops are focused on both senior photography and wedding photography, so we cover #allthethings!! Day one is SHOOTING day, so we talk about all things related to posing, lighting, camera settings, off-camera flash, detail styling, and an entire wedding day breakdown, hour-by-hour. Then, we head out for 3 hours of hands-on shooting at a styled shoot lead by industry-leading vendors to apply everything attendees have learned that day…and it is a BLAST!!! On day two, BUSINESS day, we cover anything and everything related to client experience, organization, scheduling, branding, spokesmodel teams, booking processes, pricing, websites, blogging, time management, networking with vendors, marketing and more. It is a jam-packed day!! Plus, attendees get brand new head shots for their websites and delicious meals throughout each day. I wish I could relive them over and over and over!!

This workshop was extra special to me because it was the last one EVER in Virginia…and the last few days I’ll spend in my home in downtown Fredericksburg. Plus, this group of attendees was truly so special. They so bravely invested in their businesses to chase their dreams and I am SO proud of each and every one of them. They all became friends and created the sweetest connections throughout the two days we spent together…it was SO special to watch! I miss each and every one of them already!!!

Before we dive into the photos, I have some SERIOUS thank you’s in order! Here are all of the incredible vendors who contributed to this workshop (that I truly could NOT do this without!!!)

Honeybook | Cloudspot | Kamrette | Fotostrap | Twila & Co. | Just Bee Custom Cookies | Monkee’s of Fredericksburg | Courtney Inghram Ribbon Shop | Tonic Site Shop | Showit

Mom & Dad: Thank you x10000 for always doing everything you can to support me and take away stress when I prep for major events like this. Dad, thank you for driving me all the way from Virginia to Charleston and for being my sidekick to help move out of my house this week!

Erika & Josh: MY FAVORITE MUFFINS. Thank you for always assisting me at these workshops, capturing behind-the-scenes, making sure I’m well-fed and well-hydrated and just for overall being the greatest friends ever. I’m truly so grateful and don’t know what I would do without you!

Alright…time for the fun part!!! Here’s a behind-the-scenes recap of all the workshop goodness!! You can also see a recap on my Instagram story highlight!!

Kicking off the workshop with a meet and greet at Monkee’s (with champagne and cake, of course!!!)

Attendees get to shop the store at a discount and it’s SO FUN!!!

Time for day one!!! For the last workshop,I had cookies made that looked just like my house. Since I am not going to be living here much longer…I decided to do Rainbow Row in Charleston this time!!!

Let’s do this thing!!! May or may not have bought this dress from Monkee’s during the meet and greet the night before 🙂

Kicking off teaching!!! Day one is PHOTOGRAPHY day…so we’re covering everything related to shooting!!

With Chick-Fil-A for lunch…because is that even a question?

Headed out to the styled shoot at Stevenson Ridge…where the heat index was 106. It’s casual. Everything’s fine.

The attendees and models ROCKED IT OUT, despite the crazy heat, and I can’t wait to show you more pictures next week!!!

Day two was BUSINESS day…which meant LOTS of content and not a lot of behind-the-scenes pics!!! But it’s also head shot day, so everyone looked AMAZING!!

Just look at these gorgeous girls!!! Having empty rooms with pretty light is useful for head shots if I do say so myself 🙂

Now for some iPhone behind-the-scenes (mostly thanks to Josh and Erika!!!) Donuts for breakfast on day one!!!

Snagged these from Instagram!! So many good memories!!

My fave girl and sidekick who helps me make #allthethings happen!!!

Now for some quick sneak peeks into the styled shoot…the full post is coming on Tuesday!!

I CAN’T EVEN. This is easily my favorite workshop shoot we’ve ever done!!! I can’t wait to share more!!

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